Interested in OnLine Testing

For families testing can mean a new role in your student's education. Don't worry, we're here to help you find the appropriate assessment for your homeschool. ATC Educational Services now allows you to administer your test securely right in the comfort of your home. REMINDER ==>  not ALL tests marketed to homeschoolers are created equal. In short, CTP is for those families who take education seriously, and who recognize that excellence in education requires a deep base of insight into learning and achievement for every student.
If you would like more information about our online testing option your student can take online in a secure browser please complete this form. We will contact you in the near future with our testing dates!
Standardized tests measure students’ knowledge of material that is deemed common knowledge for all children in their grade level. These tests are not cognitive or IQ tests. HOWEVER, the cool thing about CTP is there are cognitive tests built in as well at 3rd grade and above. This is something I have been asked for over the past 20 years. Many parents want more than just achievement but to see how achievement compares to actual cognitive ability.
The CTP has levels 1-10.
Which test will your child be assigned ==>HERE