Is The CTP Right Choice for Your Family

For families testing can mean a new role in your student's education. Don't worry, we're here to help you find the appropriate assessment for your homeschool. ATC Educational Services now allows you to administer your test securely right in the comfort of your home. We offer the highest quality assessments and learning tools to help your students master core academic skills and track their learning growth.

At ATC we recognize that a single test score does not define your child but we help offer deep insight into your child's profile of strengths and weaknesses, and into their learning trajectory. CTP results in a given year & over time provide evidence of excellence in fostering educational growth in your homeschool, as well as indicate areas where you may want to review existing curriculum and instruction.

Standardized tests measure students’ knowledge of material that is deemed common knowledge for all children in their grade level. These tests are not cognitive or IQ tests. HOWEVER, the cool thing about CTP is there are cognitive tests built in as well at 3rd grade and above. This is something I have been asked for over the past 20 years. Many parents want more than just achievement but to see how achievement compares to actual cognitive ability.

In short, CTP is for those families who take education seriously, and who recognize that excellence in education requires a deep base of insight into learning and achievement for every student.

The CTP is a RIGOROUS, Nationally normed achievement test, which was Nationally Normed in 2018 and updated regularly. The CTP is more up to date than many other nationally normed tests available to homeschooled students. MANY independent schools have used this tests to evaluate students for private school entry. CTP will SOON allow you to compare your students to other homeschoolers, other public school students and other private school groups. For older students this test will help you predict how well your student will perform on college entrance exams like the SAT. You will know which areas you need to work for your student to reach their potential. This means you get to see how your student is doing compared to their homeschool peers as well as the National Public School system.
Please READ!!! If you believe your student is very behind in any area please text us before you purchase this assessment so we can determine if best match. For a student that may be above average in let's say math or reasoning ability but low in spelling (not always related to cognitive ability, especially students with dyslexia) this test can still be a good match but if your student is below in reading they may find this assessment too difficult and do much better with an assessment like the Woodcock Johnson. Text me 9196023760 if you have concerns.
You are here because you desire===>
  • A Professionally proctored test with a proctor from ATC to walk you & your student through each step in the comfort of your home.
  • To know  if your student is performing up to their full potential
  • To recognize gaps in learning to help you decide if you need to change or tweak curriculum & instruction
  • To look for differences in achievement and cognitive ability through reasoning and quantitative subtests  (Available 3rd grade up)
  • To Build your student’s test taking skills with the fast-growing laptop-based format
  • To meet your state standards for annual testing with a high quality currently norm-referenced  assessment
  • Quick results with comprehensive feedback spotlight your student’s strengths, drive targeted instruction,  &  identify areas for improvement.

  • As classroom instruction and assessment methods have changed over the years, we have found that bubbling answer sheets is not a skill students practice outside of standardized testing. 
  • The adaptive testing available in the online format provides more precise measurements of students’ abilities.


With any assessment it is important to know how the test is scored.
How is The CTP SCORED!!!
  • Each question is worth only one point. You are not penalized for wrong answers, so it is to your advantage to answer every question, even if you have to guess.
  • The exam is not graded on a curve.
  • Your raw score, which is the number of questions you answer correctly, is converted through a statistical formula, to what is referred as a "scaled score." Scaled scoring allows for all examinees to be judged on a level playing field when taking different forms of the exam. Scaled scoring is commonly used by most certification organizations that offer multiple forms of an exam.
All exam forms meet the same test specifications:
  • 33-37% of questions test knowledge of basic facts and terms
  • 38-42% of questions test an understanding of concepts and principle
  • 23-27% of questions test the higher thinking ability to apply concepts and principles to specific situations
  • 10-15% of all of the above mentioned questions will require computation and higher math skills
The CTP exams are valid, sound and legally defensible.

What level will my student be assigned to take online==> GO HERE