ATC is proud to announce we are partnered with ERB to bring you a high quality at-home online testing option. Since 1927, ERB has been committed to a singular mission: To unlock student potential through assessments and learning solutions that help schools develop improved curriculum, teaching, and learning.
In 2021 a homeschool mom (Angie Cutlip) had taught in public school for 11 years & came home to homeschool her own children. She began began Woodcock-Johnson testing and helping families select curriculum that met their needs.
ATC has join the mission of helping families through new technologies, advanced testing programs, and consulting services by providing the ERB's CTP online at-home! The CTP is more up to date than many other nationally normed tests available to homeschooled students.
ERB is the only educational service offering assessment for both admission and achievement from Grades 2-12 and you can expect:

  • High quality, reliable assessments
  • Robust and timely feedback
PLEASE READ!!!! If believe your student is very behind in any area please text us before you purchase this assessment so we can determine if best match. For a student that may be above average in let's say math or reasoning ability but low in spelling (not always related to cognitive ability, especially students with dyslexia) this test can still be a good match but if your student is below in reading they may find this assessment too difficult and do much better with an assessment like the Woodcock Johnson. Text me 9196023760 if you have concerns.
Another bonus for homeschoolers is the CTP also contains not only achievement but additional cognitive reasoning tests!!! This is great in helping families understand learning differences.

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