Online* & In-Person Services

Woodcock Johnson Testing (Non -Common Core) ==> IN PERSON OPTION ONLY *Keep Scrolling for Online Testing Options

If you prefer a one-on-one nationally normed assessment where you bring your student for testing this is best option for you. We assess students in-person pre-k to 12th grade and give you immediate feedback. However in NC, you are are only required to test once age 7. The chief administrator is responsible for obtaining and/or scheduling the nationally standardized test at some time during the school year. DNPE, nor the public school provide the test or funding for the tests. If an online test better meets your needs then look below for online options.

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CTP (Online Nationally Normed + Non-Common Core with CURRENT Normative Data) ==> *ONLINE ASSESSMENT

The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a RIGOROUS nationally normed assessment for students in Grades 1-11 covering reading, listening, vocabulary, writing (spelling), mathematics, and science. Another plus is that the CTP contains some cognitive type assessments like verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests beginning in Grade3. If believe your student is very behind in any area please text us before you purchase this assessment so we can determine if best match. For a student that may be above average in let's say math or reasoning ability but low in spelling (not always related to cognitive ability, especially students with dyslexia) this test can still be a good match but if your student is below in reading they may find this assessment too difficult and do much better with an assessment like the Woodcock Johnson. Text me 9196023760 if you have concerns.

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COMING SOON! Milestones (Used throughout the Year to Better Track Progress Online)==> *ONLINE CHECK POINT ASSESSMENTS

Milestone Assessments for students in Grades 3-8 cover Reading Comprehension & Mathematics, and are an extension of (CTP), offering mini checkpoints through out your year. This is not your yearly assessment but rather an add-on power boost to track progress across your school year with two Milestone assessment in addition to the CTP for more targeted interventions and better curriculum design. You can choose to take your yearly online CTP achievement test plus 2 online milestone assessment tests throughout the year.

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