Spots Available
Spots Available

CTP Online Nationally Normed Standardized Achievement offers "assessment-at-a-glance" of your students' academic strengths, needs & learning trajectory. The CTP meets most states' legal requirement if testing is required. If testing is not required or if this does not meet your state's requirements you can still use this test to help with your ongoing assessment of your student over time and add to your personal academic portfolio. Additional homeschool coaching from veteran homeschool moms and specialist can be purchased if you need one-on-one coaching. The rigorous nationally normed standardized test can help provide affirmation & identify areas where you may want to review existing curriculum & instruction. A big PLUS is CTP not only provides you with achievement but also cognitive reasoning in grades 3 and above. For 11th and 12 grade it is best to take the ACT, SAT or CLT. In most states as long as you do the writing portion you will be in compliance. 11th graders can take the 10 grade test in the fall of starting 11th grade. The CTP helps prepare your students for these college entrance exams.


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ONLY complete this order if you have completed ALL the steps to make sure your computer will run the online CTP Test.


Also, this option may not be the best option for your family if you do not have a space free of distractions for your student to test.  It is very helpful if you have a printer or access to a printer to print out a few things you will need the day of test. It is possible you can work around this if you do not have access to printing.

Unless you have super duper WIFI we recommend no more than two student to test at the same time on different computers.

You will be testing online with other homeschool families. Once your student begins the test you will not be able to see the proctor but the proctor will be able to see all students in the testing session.