You will take the grade your student is currently in or just completed. I know for my homeschool we never worried about grade level but for the sake of standardized tests you will need to assign a grade level to your child. The CTP is a rigorous current nationally normed test that assesses student achievement in areas such as Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Word Analysis, and Writing Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, More)*. * Grade 1 does not assess Writing Mechanics and therefore doesn't contain spelling. Levels 1-2 also utilize audio recordings to deliver instructions to students and headsets are required. The rigorous nationally normed standardized test can help provide affirmation & identify areas where you may want to review existing curriculum & instruction. A big PLUS is CTP not only provides you with achievement but also cognitive reasoning in grades 3 and above. You can also purchase additional homeschool coaching if needed after the test.