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We believe you are in charge of your student's success. We are here to help guide you with making educational choices regarding testing, as well as provide other resources and services. ATC Educational Services is committed to excellence and professionalism in caring for the needs of your child, whether in the private, public or home school sector. We believe the model of continual assessing, planning, teaching, and evaluating to be an integral part of education. ATC understands a single test does not define your child. Your child is so much more than a score. What we do is help offer deep insight into your child's profile of strengths, needs, & learning trajectory. Assessments in a given year and over time provide evidence in fostering educational growth, as well as provide indicators of where you may need to review curriculum or instructional approaches. Whether affirming what you already have assessed about your child, measuring growth over time, building test-taking skills (life is full of tests) & more, we are here to assist you in your homeschool planning, teaching & evaluating growth in a positive, friendly, & professional experience. Our goal is a meaningful NO STRESS ASSESS! For those families who take education seriously, and who recognize that excellence in education requires a deep base of insight into learning and achievement for every student then we can help you!