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TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR IN-PERSON & ONLINE TESTING OPTION GO HERE (***The online CTP option is a very RIGOROUS Test! This is for those that want their students compared to their homeschool peers as well as to the the top kids in independent schools across the nation. You can see how your students compare to multiple norm groups. This test is also used for admission into top schools in the nation. Many homeschool families love this testing option. The norms are updated regularly, so you get very up-to-date peer comparisons. Another plus for homeschool families is the CTP helps families assess content specific, curriculum-based performance alongside reasoning ability and conceptual knowledge. It may be a good option for students that may be low in one area but really excel above average in another areas.

When you send your form you will be directed to VERY important information about your TESTING DAY. Remember it may take 1-2 business days to contact you to schedule your testing date! 
If you have not received a response to schedule your appointment please text Angie at 9196023760 and let her know which location you contacted. We do get backed up from time to time. 

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