I do NOT test the first week of January. I use that week for scheduling groups and individual families. Most families contact me that week and get on the schedule for testing for the coming year. Does it matter when you test? 🤔 ANSWER HERE

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Angie Cutlip
3700 Valley Pine Court
Wendell, NC 27591
(919) 602-3760

Megan Rainear
3528 Lillie Branch Dr.
Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 306-0132



      Blair Weddington      Eastern Hills Baptist Church*
4855 Albermarle Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 202-0720

*Blair does testing sessions at her church and her home

• Bring a favorite pen or pencil.
• You are welcome to stay during the testing appointment or leave. If you leave we will text you about 30 minutes before you need to return for your score report review.
• Optional: Bring a drink and/or snack. Feel free to bring books or things for you to do while I am testing and things for your student to do while we are going over the score report. Headphones are welcome.
• Please CALL or text as soon as you know you will not be able to make an appointment. I will be happy to reschedule.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  BRING your previous WJ Score Report to your appointment if you have previous WJ scores. This will save you and your student time and I can show you how to compare the raw scores. I encourage you to TAKE A PICTURE of any page with the raw scores and text them to your location in case you forget. This also gives you a digital record for future use. Email a copy to yourself for backup.

**WE DO NOT KEEP YOUR TEST SCORES ON FILE.  LEGALLY,  THIS IS RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR OF YOUR HOMESCHOOL.** I highly recommend you log into the portal to update your homeschool enrollment and the date of you testing appointment and the test you took (WOODCOCK JOHNSON). 

 NC Homeschool Law requires each homeschool to maintain certain records: attendance, immunization and national standardized achievement test scores. The homeschool law gives the Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) the authority to inspect homeschool records." "Duly authorized representative of the State" means the Director, Division of Nonpublic Education, or his/her staff may legally ask for your records.  * See notes below as to why this is critical.

These will be helpful:
 Score Interpretation
•  Description of Tests (Don't panic!!! There WILL be things your child has not yet learned. This test determines what your child can achieve on his/her own. You do not need to study for this assessment. This is not a GRADE LEVEL test or a pass/fail test! ATC's Goal is to make this a NO STRESS ASSESS! Please read the reviews of other families that have tested with ATC here)

*Critical Information You Should Know: RECORD KEEPING IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR OF YOUR HOMESCHOOL. Whenever a formerly home schooled student is presented for enrollment at a conventional school (public or non-public) or college, that educational institution may request a student transcript/record of grade levels successfully completed, subjects taught, semester grades, nationally standardized test scores, etc., while enrolled in the home school.
All such information is provided solely by the chief administrator of the home school -- not by state or local government officials. When you filed your NOI to homeschool you were informing the state you would operate a legal non-public school. When a student successfully completes his/her non-public school's academic requirements for high school graduation, the non-public school itself (not a government agency) maintains academic records of the student's high school academic work and issues student transcripts and graduation verification in future years as requested. State government provides NO student graduation verification for non-public school graduates (whether from a private K-12 or a home school) nor does it maintain or keep student academic records or transcripts -- only records concerning the legal existence of such schools. 

Legally, ATC is not responsible for your school records. ATC recommends to NEVER discard test scores as these can be used for substantiating both legal compliance and progress to outside agencies if necessary. Future employers may also ask for school records. 

********I recommend you keep your homeschool records in a 3 ring notebook with plastic sleeves. You can maintain your attendance records, immunization records and standardized test scores by year in your notebook. Take a picture of at least the page with the raw scores so you have a digital copy in case you misplace. Even though you are required to keep them on file for each year you homeschool, you should keep a permanent  cumulative record.  You never know years down the road when you may need proof of homeschooling for a particular year. Cumulative files generally contain grades (if you give grades), attendance records, immunization records, standardized testing and any other information related to educational career. I kept the transcripts I created and the transcripts from early college classes as well. I would print a copy of NC's homeschool law while you are homeschooling to keep with your records as the law could change in the future and each state has a different homeschool law. 

Article 39 of chapter 115C

During the 1988 session of the North Carolina General Assembly, Article 39 of chapter 115C of the General Statutes (www.ncga.state.nc.us) was amended to allow home instruction, under certain conditions, as a means of complying with compulsory school attendance requirements. On March 5, 2013 NCHE had bills filed in the NC House of Representatives and the Senate to change the 1988 definition of “home school”. On May 30, 2013 a bill was signed, Senate Bill 189, modifying the definition of homeschool in the law. I encourage you to be familiar with the HISTORY of homeschooling in NC. 

You may pay for your appointment the day of your appointment but please text the administrator if you can't make it as our days our planned around our testing appointments. We are happy to reschedule if we have availability, as we know things can come up unexpectedly. Cancellation fees may occur if you do not contact us in a timely manner.

•Pay cash or check made out to the Testing Administrator or make arrangements with your administrator.

•Your Testing Appointment Includes your testing session. Areas tested can be found HERE. If you do online testing with Angie you will be tested on the minimal areas required by the law.  Please see if you qualify for REMOTE TESTING HERE. You will receive a computerized print out and detailed score interpretation consultation immediately following the completion of the assessment. If your appointment goes over and the next family has arrived we will arrange to do your brief consultation at a later time. Curriculum recommendations and instructional strategies are also available if needed. More extensive consulting may need an additional appointment.

One Student = 110.00
Two Students = 110.00 each
Three Students = 110.00 each
Four or More Students = 85.00 Each
Large Group Discounts = These are available if we have availability. You may contact us to discuss your situation.

If you need more than the 15 minutes at the end of your session to go over results and make recommendations, you may set up an in person or phone consultation. You can also set up consultations even if you do not test with ATC.
30 Minutes = 50.00
1 hour = 100.00 Includes a detailed email recapping the session and recommendations.

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