Is the Woodcock Johnson Test the Best Choice for your Family?

Do you want an individualized testing experience where you can test at ANY time during your school year? Do you want your student exposed to a testing situation out of your home? Do you have a student that is "above" in some areas and "lower" in other areas? Do you have a student that is well above "grade level" in your assessment? Do you have a student with developmental delays? Do you have concerns about curriculum choices? Do you have a student that is working at the college level in some areas? Do you have a non reader or early emergent reader? Do you have student that has experienced testing anxiety or anxiety in general? Does your student enjoy a challenge? Do you suspect learning differences? At any time might your student return to a traditional classroom setting? If you answered YES to ANY of these, the Woodcock Johnson Is most likely the best option.

Purpose of Test

• To measure what your child has learned in reading, mathematics, written language and general knowledge • To help you measure growth and get benchmarks • To look for strengths and weaknesses • To look for interdisciplinary discrepancies in learning: In traditional school many students are overlooked that are are gifted. This group of unserved students are those whose abilities and disabilities mask each other. Students who are gifted and also have learning disabilities do, in fact, exist but are often overlooked when students are assessed for either giftedness or learning disabilities(Fox, Brody, & Tobin, 1983). At ATC we refer to the "learning disabilities" as" learning differences"!

Areas Tested

We specialize in special needs, learning differences, preschool to high school, and all types of learners. We also help to assess if your student is ready for Early College (Career & College Promise). ==> • Reading - comprehension, vocabulary, basic skills, phonics & word attack • Mathematics - computation, reasoning & application of basic skills • Language - knowledge, writing skills, expression, punctuation, spelling, grammar • Knowledge - general science, social studies, humanities

Advantages of WJ III® as compared to Group Test Such as CAT/5, SAT or Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Advantages of WJ III® as compared to Group Test Such as CAT/5, SAT or Iowa Test of Basic Skills • Test questions are read both aloud and silently by either the proctor or the student who responds verbally or with some writing • Test is not timed (therefore, less pressure on the student) • Immediate feedback on your student's performance with a computerized score report • Requires only one to two hours of your time

Benefits of Testing with ATC

BENEFITS OF TESTING WITH ATC • Friendly, relaxed, and personable testing in comfortable environment • Positive testing experience encourages students to excel • Most students actually enjoy taking the test, stating, “This is a fun test!” • One on One testing allows examiner to give encouraging words throughout the testing session • Once test items become too difficult the administrator takes student to next section determined by a set protocol

How Long Does it Take?

• Most testing takes from 55-65 minutes for younger test takers. Older students on average take about 1 1/2 hours. You may remain at your testing location, shop, relax, or eat. I will go over the test report thoroughly and provide brief feedback and curriculum recommendations if needed.

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