Does it matter when you test?

NO! As long as you test each year once your student is 7!
• The WJ is unique because it can be administered at ANY time during the year. ATC has all test materials at each of our testing locations and we do our computerized scoring on-site. It is not necessary for you to order any testing materials or get a proctor. Trained and certified test administrators at each of our testing locations administer the WJ.
• Keep in mind you do not have to finish all your work for the current school year before testing. The norm tables on our computerized scoring software make allowances for the time of the school year in which the test is administered. Many opt to test before getting started to get some benchmarks.
•  You retain the test results at your home. Failure to have them on file will jeopardize the legal status of your home school. It may also jeopardize your child's proper grade placement when seeking enrollment in a conventional school if the school makes placement decisions based on testing. The WJ is the top standardized achievement test in the nation and highly recognized in academia. 

What are the requirements to homeschool in NC?

Hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent;
Send to DNPE a (NOI)  Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School;
Elect to operate under either Part 1 or Part 2 of Article 39 of the North Carolina General Statutes as a religious or as a non-religious school;
Operate the school "on a regular schedule, excluding reasonable holidays and vacations, during at least nine calendar months of the year";
Maintain disease immunization and annual attendance records for each student;
Have a nationally normed standardized achievement test administered annually to each student. Records of the test results must be retained at the home school for at least one year and made available to duly authorized representative of the state of North Carolina DNPE when requested. For more details see BLOG on Homeschooling in NC, Easy as 1,2,3.

What can I do in the homeschool portal?

You may do the following things after logging into your account HERE:
•Print the Official Registration Record and Verification Card that can be used as your School ID. I also screenshot it to keep on my phone for teacher discounts.
•Update your Personal Information
•Change your Password
•Add or Change Annual Standardized Achievement Tests
•Change Teacher Information
•Update Student Enrollment - Each year you can update your enrollment and use the link to change the students enrolled in your home school.
•Request a DEC (Driver's Eligibility Certificate)
•Close Your Home School

How do I close my homeschool?

When there are no more students being actively educated your homeschool you need to submit a "closed" notification.
This specifically means that when the students have returned to a public or a conventional private school OR when all the students have graduated from the home school, the home school is no longer in operation and must be official closed. The school must be closed within 30 days of these events.
Schools may be re-opened later if the students return to the home school.
Schools may not be kept open in order that the school’s listing will be visible on the public website. Log into the portal and scroll down and click CLOSE SCHOOL.

What happens if I need to enroll my student in traditional school?

In North Carolina, there are basically two steps you need to take to return your child to school:
  • Notify the NCDNPE of your intent to close your homeschool. (You can always reopen it later, if you wish.)
  • Contact the school principal of the school you will be enrolling in to find out their enrollment process.
Whenever a formerly home schooled student is presented for enrollment at a conventional school (public or non-public) or college, that educational institution may request a student transcript/record of grade levels successfully completed, subjects taught, semester grades, nationally standardized test scores, etc., while enrolled in the home school.
All such information is provided solely by the chief administrator of the home school -- not by state or local government officials. North Carolina law states that a home school is a non-public school. When a student successfully completes his/her non-public school's academic requirements for high school graduation, the non-public school itself (not a government agency) maintains academic records of the student's high school academic work and issues student transcripts and graduation verifications in future years as requested. State government provides NO student graduation verifications for non-public school graduates (whether from a private K-12 or a home school) nor does it maintain or keep student academic records or transcripts -- only records concerning the legal existence of such schools, also known as your NOI.
I recommend you keep your homeschool records in a 3 ring notebook with plastic sleeves. You can maintain your attendance records, immunization records and standardized test scores by year in your record keeping notebook. A digital backup copy is also recommended as well. If you do not keep digital records just take a picture of your records and file them on a safe drive. If you save them as .pdf you will be able to print them.

Can a principal require additional testing if I enroll my student back in school?

§ 115C-288 …A principal shall not require additional testing of a student entering a public school from a school governed under Article 39 of this Chapter if test scores from a nationally standardized test or nationally standardized equivalent measure that are adequate to determine the appropriate placement of the child are available.
The local school should be able to use the homeschool records you have kept including proper annual testing to determine your child’s grade placement. 

What are homeschool graduation requirements in NC?

In North Carolina, each homeschool sets their own graduation requirements for administering your own diploma. According the NC law.
§ 115C-563.  Definitions.
As used in this Part or Parts 1 and 2 of this Article:
(a)        "Home school" means a nonpublic school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction, and determine additional sources of academic instruction.
(b)        "Duly authorized representative of the State" means the Director, Division of Nonpublic Education, or his staff. 

With that said you do not have to follow public school requirements. However, if your child plans to attend 4 year college you will want to work backwards. You are your child's guidance counselor.  Here is a good place to start your research if college or community college is your goal.
UNC Minimum Requirements can be found HERE!
Career and College Promise (Early College) info can be found HERE!

How do i withdraw my child in order to homeschool?

Notify the school you have filed your Notice of Intent with the DNPE to open a homeschool. Let the school know you are withdrawing them from the school. It is best to document your decision with a letter and give the date at which you will start homeschooling.
Ask how grade placement will be handled should you decide to terminate your homeschool.
It is recommended to not withdraw your student until you have documentation from DNPE. Remember you are not asking the state permission to homeschool but informing the state you will open a private school and follow NC law.
Once filed, you are good to go until you terminate your school. Always notify the Division if address or enrollment changes. This can all be done in the portal where you file your NOI.