ATC Teacher Training Academy is an eLearning platform that supports home educators’ professional development with meaningful and relevant learning. The lessons in each course are structured with incremental learning segments to help busy home educators manage their professional learning. Teaching your child to read at home can seem overwhelming but it doesn't have to. This course will describe the different methods for teaching your child to read & help you evaluate and pick out the best curriculum to use at home so you are your child's reading specialist. This is backed not only in research but in practice. I taught reading in public school for 11 years and homeschooled for over 20. I have helped many families successfully teach their children to read even with learning differences like dyslexia! This course series will be like taking multiple college level classes in Literacy Learning. You will be well equipped with the background knowledge necessary to be the very best teacher.

The Course includes

3 Sections

7 Lessons

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