30 Jan
  • In the busy hustle and bustle of life it is easy to become Martha. We all get busy like Martha doing things, even good things for the Lord, but we all need time to slow down and sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary.  My daughters and I love to listen to music in the car. Sometimes fun music that lifts our spirit and other times songs that really minister to our soul. Recently one particular song has reminded me of a  biblical truth that actually led me to write these mini-Bible studies. It is a song that my daughters and I love to listen to over and over in the car. This song draws out a story from God's word and applies it to my everyday life. One purpose in these Bible studies is to allow us to apply His word to our daily lives. According to Ps. 46:10-11 what is to be a priority in our lives?

    Read Luke 10:38-42

    According to verse  40, describe in your own words what you think Martha was doing?

    Martha, a doer, and Mary, a thinker, had different personalities.

Are you more prone to be a Mary or a Martha?

Martha was very busy doing lots of things for the Lord while Mary sought wisdom for the Lord. 

According to Matthew 6:33-34 What does Jesus tell us to do?

Mary was able to do this by having time to sit at Jesus feet. The wisdom that we need for this life can only be found this way. 

She found it by sitting at His feet, listening to His words.

Are there times when you are so busy doing things, even good things that you forget to truly sit at the feet of Jesus. 

Pray and ask God to begin to show you areas where you may need to reprioritize.  This is something we need to do on a regular basis!

Whether you are just beginning  your personal walk with the Lord or if you have known Him personally for years, we all lack wisdom. 

According to James 1:5 how do we gain the wisdom we need to make life decisions?

If you do not know the Lord you can know Him today!!!  Go Here!

Read the Lyrics to the song "Mary For a While" and let the words of the song speak to your soul. 

Dear Lord,  Thank you for your forgiveness and grace when I fell to sit at your feet.  Help me not to let my chance to be with you slip away as I need you. Help me to fill my cup with your love and your Word so that during those times I can not, I'll be able to drink from those sweet times when I was able to sit at your feet. Close the doors to things that keep my heart from You. Help me draw nearer to you precious Lord. -amen

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