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Woodcock Johnson Testing (Non -Common Core) ==> IN PERSON OPTION ONLY *Keep Scrolling for Online Testing Options

If you prefer a one-on-one nationally normed assessment where you bring your student for testing this is best option for you. We assess students in-person pre-k to 12th grade and give you immediate feedback. However in NC, you are are only required to test once age 7. The chief administrator is responsible for obtaining and/or scheduling the nationally standardized test at some time during the school year. DNPE, nor the public school provide the test or funding for the tests. If an online test better meets your needs then look below for online options.

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NOT OFFERRING AT THIS TIME!!!! CTP (Online Nationally Normed + Non-Common Core with CURRENT Normative Data) ==> *ONLINE ASSESSMENT

Not Offering at this time!!!! We are only doing Woodcock Johnson Testing!!! The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a RIGOROUS nationally normed assessment for students in Grades 1-11 covering reading, listening, vocabulary, writing (spelling), mathematics, and science. Another plus is that the CTP contains some cognitive type assessments like verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests beginning in Grade3. If believe your student is very behind in any area please text us before you purchase this assessment so we can determine if best match. For a student that may be above average in let's say math or reasoning ability but low in spelling (not always related to cognitive ability, especially students with dyslexia) this test can still be a good match but if your student is below in reading they may find this assessment too difficult and do much better with an assessment like the Woodcock Johnson. Text me 9196023760 if you have concerns.

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We believe you are in charge of your student's success. We are here to help guide you with making educational choices regarding testing, as well as provide other resources and services. ATC Educational Services is committed to excellence and professionalism in caring for the needs of your child, whether in the private, public or home school sector. We believe the model of continual assessing, planning, teaching, and evaluating to be an integral part of education. We understand a single test does not define your child. Your child is so much more than a score. What we do is help offer deep insight into your child's profile of strengths and needs, and into their learning trajectory. Assessments in a given year and over time provide evidence in fostering educational growth, as well as provide indicators of where you may need to review curriculum or instructional approaches. Whether affirming what you already have assessed about your child, measuring growth over time, building test taking skills (life is full of tests) and more, we are here to assist you in your homeschool planning, teaching and evaluating growth in a positive, friendly, & professional experience. Our goal is a meaningful NO STRESS ASSESS with in-person or online options.   For those families who take education seriously, and who recognize that excellence in education requires a deep base of insight into learning and achievement for every student then we can help you!

Is the Woodcock Johnson Test the Best Choice for your Family?

Do you want an individualized testing experience where you can test at ANY time during your school year? Do you want your student exposed to a testing situation out of your home? Do you have a student that is "above" in some areas and "lower" in other areas? Do you have a student that is well above "grade level" in your assessment? Do you have a student with developmental delays? Do you have concerns about curriculum choices? Do you have a student that is working at the college level in some areas? Do you have a non reader or early emergent reader? Do you have student that has experienced testing anxiety or anxiety in general? Does your student enjoy a challenge? Do you suspect learning differences? At any time might your student return to a traditional classroom setting? If you answered YES to ANY of these, the Woodcock Johnson Is most likely the best option.

Purpose of Test

• To measure what your child has learned in reading, mathematics, written language and general knowledge • To help you measure growth and get benchmarks • To look for strengths and weaknesses • To look for interdisciplinary discrepancies in learning: In traditional school many students are overlooked that are are gifted. This group of unserved students are those whose abilities and disabilities mask each other. Students who are gifted and also have learning disabilities do, in fact, exist but are often overlooked when students are assessed for either giftedness or learning disabilities(Fox, Brody, & Tobin, 1983). At ATC we refer to the "learning disabilities" as" learning differences"!

Areas Tested

We specialize in special needs, learning differences, preschool to high school, and all types of learners. We also help to assess if your student is ready for Early College (Career & College Promise). ==> • Reading - comprehension, vocabulary, basic skills, phonics & word attack • Mathematics - computation, reasoning & application of basic skills • Language - knowledge, writing skills, expression, punctuation, spelling, grammar • Knowledge - general science, social studies, humanities

Advantages of WJ III® as compared to Group Test Such as CAT/5, SAT or Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Advantages of WJ III® as compared to Group Test Such as CAT/5, SAT or Iowa Test of Basic Skills • Test questions are read both aloud and silently by either the proctor or the student who responds verbally or with some writing • Test is not timed (therefore, less pressure on the student) • Immediate feedback on your student's performance with a computerized score report • Requires only one to two hours of your time

Benefits of Testing with ATC

BENEFITS OF TESTING WITH ATC • Friendly, relaxed, and personable testing in comfortable environment • Positive testing experience encourages students to excel • Most students actually enjoy taking the test, stating, “This is a fun test!” • One on One testing allows examiner to give encouraging words throughout the testing session • Once test items become too difficult the administrator takes student to next section determined by a set protocol

How Long Does it Take?

• Most testing takes from 55-65 minutes for younger test takers. Older students on average take about 1 1/2 hours. You may remain at your testing location, shop, relax, or eat. I will go over the test report thoroughly and provide brief feedback and curriculum recommendations if needed.

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Angie Cutlip, M.Ed.

Director, Wendell, NC

HEY!!! I am Angie the director of ATC. I hold a Masters Degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. I graduated from Garner High School in 1988. I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Tennessee Temple University. While teaching at Aldert Root Elementary, Classical Magnet School, I received my graduate degree from North Carolina State University. I taught in the Wake County Public Schools for 10 years. I began serving the homeschooling community after the birth of our first daughter Abigail. I have been homeschooling for over 20 years and helping other families homeschool. I have also worked as a teacher trainer in the areas of reading, writing, curriculum and technology. I have a love for children, teaching, and learning. I also love to bass fish and create. I reside in Wendell, NC with my husband and two daughters. I pray my passion for helping others is evident in each family I serve!

Beverly Hardister

Charlotte Area Administrator

Beverly has been an administrator with ATC since 2003. She enjoyed six years of teaching experience in North Carolina. She received her degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has specialized training in the areas of reading and writing. She lives in Harrisburg, NC with her husband, and two children, Jackson and Jenna. She previously tested in the Asheboro area. She is the testing coordinator for the Charlotte area. Her spirited and congenial personality makes testing pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family.

Megan Rainear

Zebulon Area Administrator

Megan Rainear has been married to her husband Kevin since 1993. She has four children that she homeschools in Zebulon, NC. Megan has a B.A. Degree from Elon University and was a social worker before becoming a stay-at-home mother. She has enjoyed testing with ATC Educational Services since 2011. Megan is a member of the SEEK Colonial Homeschool group in Cary, NC. Megan's calm disposition and her efficiency make for a winning combination and pleasant testing experience.

 Wow, where to begin with our first-ever experience testing with Angie Cutlip?! As relative newbies, who are only in our second year of homeschooling, the anxiety for me as a parent, as well as the unfortunate anxiety of my ten-year-old, has been alive and well on various levels. Like many, we’ve had to blindly navigate the never-ending options of curriculum, while also trying to stay calm and encouraged amongst those who don’t understand and question why we are doing it. My why is my child, and Angie seems to understand that perfectly. My super bright, yet very shy and socially anxious daughter entered the test nervous and scared, but ended it cool as a cucumber with a genuine smile that oozed a confidence I haven’t seen from her in quite some time. She even said, “Mom, it was kinda fun.” Ummm, who is this child, and where did my daughter in near tears for two hours on the way to the test go?! To say I was relieved and grateful for that response is an understatement. Angie’s years of experience, exhaustive knowledge of score breakdowns, and kind nature served both my daughter and me well as we both left feeling encouraged and even empowered to continue on our homeschool journey. More than the scores though, we left equipped with a better understanding of my daughter’s learning style, and of the curriculums that might work well for her. All of that to say, we will definitely be back for future testing. It was well worth the time and effort in our attempt to gain better insight and direction as we continue to on our homeschooling adventure. It’s a lot to take on, but it can be done when you have people to help guide the way! Jessica Sorensen, Winston-Salem, NC"

 This was our first time taking this particular test and I couldn't be happier. My kids were anxious since there was so much pressure in school when it came time for EOGs, but this was completely different. Angie was great with the kids and she encouraged them every step of the way which helped them to relax. I am thankful for the amount of time Angie spent with me going over the results as well. She even spent time going over curriculum for each child and gave recommendations based on what she observed. We will definitely be contacting Angie again next year! - Danielle B., Franklinton"


 The Woodcock Johnson for the win!! My 15 yr old son and I had the pleasure to meet Angie for the WJ test this morning. It was such a positive, encouraging & fun experience! Yes, my son said the test was fun and he wants to test with Angie every year. He is excited & confident about his academics and can’t wait to try all the tips & recommendations Angie gave him! Thank you Angie, for making such a meaningful impact in my son’s education!! - Deysha"


 I am new to homeschooling and my kids were nervous about going in for testing. The testing experience was very pleasant and it was a positive experience for my kids. Ms. Cutlip is great with kids and puts them at ease. After testing she took her time to thoroughly explain the results so I have an understanding of the scores. I have a better understanding of planning my children's curriculum and what to attend to each of my child's different weaknesses and strengths. It also gives me re-assurance of my decision to homeschool them. I would definitely recommend Ms. Cutlip to anyone and we will be seeing her again in a year or so." Leila A., Mooresville, NC"


 This is our first year home-schooling so we are learning everything from the ground up. Several friends suggested we test in December to see how we were progressing so when Angie came recommended to us we signed up immediately. Angie was very responsive from my initial contact and my boys 6 and 8 enjoyed testing with her! After they were done she went over their scores with me and it was so helpful to see where they were for each are. Angie helped me with curriculum choices for the spring semester and areas of weakness to focus on. I would (and have :)) recommended Angie to many of my friends because she was so helpful and a delight to work with. Terin W., Raleigh, NC"


 Thank you so much once again for getting her in this week and providing the environment to show what my daughter actually knows, as well as the recommendations for adjustments to fill in her gaps. I am so grateful for the opportunity to homeschool and all that you provide to the community you set up. My daughter had such a great experience testing with Angie! Coming from a charter school, I had hoped she would see testing as I did, a celebration of what she knows; instead, she had learned massive anxiety over tests, rushed through it, but worst, had dreaded it. Her experience testing with Angie gave her the ability to show what she knows and show where her gaps were without her feeling like a failure. The guidance with some options to fill in the gaps was the cherry on top. I can’t thank you enough! It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you and look forward to continued testing. Tracy G., Greensboro, NC"


 This was our first year using this particular test, as well as our first year testing with Mrs. Cutlip. She was quick to respond with my initial contact and quick to respond with any questions leading up to testing day. My children had a great time. Mrs. Cutlip took the time to go over the results and give suggestions on things to try to build upon their strengths. She was well versed on different curriculum choices! I take to heart and trust her suggestions. Looking forward to another great year of teaching my children with even more knowledge in my back pocket! We will be testing with her in the future." Tabitha D., Angier, NC"


 My kids are new to homeschool and were hesitant on taking an in-home test. Mrs. Cutlip made the testing day super smooth and enjoyable for them. We look forward to testing with her in the future!!! Jessie H., Kenly, NC"


 I took my children, 6 & 8, to be assessed by Angie and she was wonderful. The environment was super relaxed, she made my children feel comfortable and was very kind. She went over their results with me in detail, discussed curriculum that would work best for my children based on their personalities and abilities. I would highly recommend having your children assessed by her. It was very helpful and reassured me in knowing my children were performing where I thought they were and also provided additional insight. Chris, Gibsonville, NC"


 My daughter had such a wonderful experience taking the Woodcock Johnson with Angie. She was excited to take the test and she used the word "fun" to describe it! What a blessing to have a stress-free test that accurately reprsents how my child is doing." Beth P., Raleigh, NC"


 My daughter is new to homeschooling and was nervous about the test. We weren't sure what to except, but Angie was great with my daughter. She gave her confidence throughout the test, and I know that it helped my daughter to do her best. They had a few laughs too." - Simone, Winston Salem, NCwanted to share you another testimonial that just came from a sweet girl I tested this week. Hope this will be an encouragement to those apprehensive about testing. "My daughter is new to homeschooling and was nervous about the test. We weren't sure what to except, but Angie was great with my daughter. She gave her confidence throughout the test, and I know that it helped my daughter to do her best. They had a few laughs too." - Simone, Winston Salem, NC"


 I am new to homeschooling and my kids were nervous about going in for testing. The testing experience was very pleasant and it was a positive experience for my kids. Ms. Cutlip is great with kids and puts them at ease. After testing she took her time to thoroughly explain the results so I have an understanding of the scores. I have a better understanding of planning my children's curriculum and what to attend to each of my child's different weaknesses and strengths. It also gives me re-assurance of my decision to homeschool them. I would definitely recommend Ms. Cutlip to anyone and we will be seeing her again in a year or so." Leila A., Mooresville, NC"


 My daughter is new to homeschooling and was nervous about the test. We weren't sure what to except, but Angie was great with my daughter. She gave her confidence throughout the test, and I know that it helped my daughter to do her best. They had a few laughs too." ​Simone T. , Winston Salem"

 My children had a great time taking this test! Their assessment took place in a welcoming home and Angie is super sweet so all nervousness vanished (including mine). Angie was extremely thorough in going over every detail when testing was complete.. I was able to change some of my instruction to better meet their needs thanks to Angie's recommendations. Our time spend with ATC was invaluable to us and we will be back every year to make sure we are on the right track.. Thank you so much Angie for your time, encouragement and expert input." Delia D., Raleigh, NC"

 We are so pleased with the test yesterday. Elise said she had "fun". How many kids say that about testing??? You did a wonderful job. I was able to get all of Michael's school finished, and made it on time to pick up Kate. We look forward to testing again next year at this time! I'm putting a reminder on my calendar. Blessings to you and your family. Thanks again." - K. Kandle, Wake Forest, NC"

 I have used ATC services for several years. My son loved Mrs. Becky but unfortunately she moved. We travel from New Port to Wendell to test with Mrs. Angie and she was wonderful. She made testing so easy. I would highly recommend her services. She is very thorough and helpful with your child and with explaining any concerns she may see." - J. Dail, Newport, NC"

 Megan was great with Brayden. The testing procedure and atmosphere was perfect for him. It was like she already new him. She gave me good advice and suggested a couple of great books for him to read and I got both of them. I'm sure I'll be seeking advice from her in the near future. Thank you so We will be back for testing in late spring to make sure we are on the right track and making progress. Thank you!" J. Barrett, Louisburg, NC"

 Angie- Thank you so much for the wonderful testing experience you created for my girls! With this being our first year of homeschool, we had no idea what to expect. The relaxed atmosphere and your patient and calm approach put them at ease. I was so happy to be able to review the results immediately and talk to you about new curriculum ideas. Thank you for the extra time you spent with me and for answering my many questions! We look forward to seeing you again next year!"- L.. Lynette, Raleigh, NC"

 I have a 9 year old nervous tester, and a 8 year old with ADD and Dysgraphia. They both said if they have to test that is the way to do it. They left feeling very proud of themselves and no anxiety on anything they did not know. I came away with a better knowledge on some curriculum that can help us also. I was knowledgeable about curriculum before but this was a big help!" - K. Wayman, Clayton, NC"

 Awesome, thank you so much! I love it when he tests with you because he is pretty comfortable. You rock!!! I appreciate all you do. -P. Boyce, Greensboro, NC"

 hank you so much for what you do and how you do it. My children actually enjoyed the testing! They both came home and googled the answers to the questions they remembered missing." - J. Elmore, Sanford, NC"

 Angie, Thank you for testing my boys year after year. They've gotten so comfortable with you over the years and their test scores reflect that. Thank you for encouraging me, as well. Homeschooling can be a tough job, and your kind words mean more than I can say. " - Sandy, Knightdale , NC"

 We tested at the Wilmington location. We were very pleased with the testing that Becky did with our two boys. It was an invaluable tool in learning what areas we needed to work on during the next school year. It was also reassuring in that we saw where our children were excelling. As their primary educator, I felt more confident in my abilities as their teacher. This experience was a win-win. It was also done with so much respect and professionalism. Becky is fantastic! She also gave me terrific curriculum suggestions. I am huge fan of the WJIII test. It is so comprehensive. I feel it is worth every penny. I highly recommend these services for your testing needs." - L. Furry, Jacksonville, NC"

 My son (15) tested today with Angie. It was a very positive experience. Angie is extremely patient, kind and excellent at explaining results of testing. Additionally, she offered us much needed advice on how to help my son with his learning challenges. I highly recommend Angie! - C. Miller, Wake Forest"

 "This was my daughter’s first year doing the WJ test with Angie. My daughter had a wonderful experience and absolutely loved it!! Angie was terrific with her and made her feel comfortable and relaxed. My daughter said she’d love to do this test daily, because it was such a fun experience!" L. Hills, Youngsville"

 Angie was amazing when she tested our girls. She put them at ease and made them feel comfortable. We are so thankful we chose this route. She gave us suggestions and recommendations for next year and also gave us positive feedback at the same time. We will definitely be using the service next year. - S. Randell, Pinehurst, NC"

Please use this form to schedule your test or if you have already scheduled your testing date. If you have not received a response in one to two business days please text Angie at 9196023760. We do our very best to respond in a timely manner but sometimes we are very backed up.
Please use this form to schedule your test or if you have already scheduled your testing date. If you have not received a response in one to two business days please text Angie at 9196023760. We do our very best to respond in a timely manner but sometimes we are very backed up.
Please use this form to schedule your test or if you have already scheduled your testing date. If you have not received a response in one to two business days please text Angie at 9196023760. We do our very best to respond in a timely manner but sometimes we are very backed up.

Does it matter when you test?

NO! As long as you test each year once your student is 7!
• The WJ is unique because it can be administered at ANY time during the year. ATC has all test materials at each of our testing locations and we do our computerized scoring on-site. It is not necessary for you to order any testing materials or get a proctor. Trained and certified test administrators at each of our testing locations administer the WJ.
• Keep in mind you do not have to finish all your work for the current school year before testing. The norm tables on our computerized scoring software make allowances for the time of the school year in which the test is administered. Many opt to test before getting started to get some benchmarks.
•  You retain the test results at your home. Failure to have them on file will jeopardize the legal status of your home school. It may also jeopardize your child's proper grade placement when seeking enrollment in a conventional school if the school makes placement decisions based on testing. The WJ is the top standardized achievement test in the nation and highly recognized in academia. 

What are the requirements to homeschool in NC?

Hold at least a high school diploma or its equivalent;
Send to DNPE a (NOI)  Notice of Intent to Operate a Home School;
Elect to operate under either Part 1 or Part 2 of Article 39 of the North Carolina General Statutes as a religious or as a non-religious school;
Operate the school "on a regular schedule, excluding reasonable holidays and vacations, during at least nine calendar months of the year";
Maintain disease immunization and annual attendance records for each student;
Have a nationally normed standardized achievement test administered annually to each student. Records of the test results must be retained at the home school for at least one year and made available to duly authorized representative of the state of North Carolina DNPE when requested. For more details see BLOG on Homeschooling in NC, Easy as 1,2,3.

What can I do in the homeschool portal?

You may do the following things after logging into your account HERE:
•Print the Official Registration Record and Verification Card that can be used as your School ID. I also screenshot it to keep on my phone for teacher discounts.
•Update your Personal Information
•Change your Password
•Add or Change Annual Standardized Achievement Tests
•Change Teacher Information
•Update Student Enrollment - Each year you can update your enrollment and use the link to change the students enrolled in your home school.
•Request a DEC (Driver's Eligibility Certificate)
•Close Your Home School

How do I close my homeschool?

When there are no more students being actively educated your homeschool you need to submit a "closed" notification.
This specifically means that when the students have returned to a public or a conventional private school OR when all the students have graduated from the home school, the home school is no longer in operation and must be official closed. The school must be closed within 30 days of these events.
Schools may be re-opened later if the students return to the home school.
Schools may not be kept open in order that the school’s listing will be visible on the public website. Log into the portal and scroll down and click CLOSE SCHOOL.

What happens if I need to enroll my student in traditional school?

In North Carolina, there are basically two steps you need to take to return your child to school:
  • Notify the NCDNPE of your intent to close your homeschool. (You can always reopen it later, if you wish.)
  • Contact the school principal of the school you will be enrolling in to find out their enrollment process.
Whenever a formerly home schooled student is presented for enrollment at a conventional school (public or non-public) or college, that educational institution may request a student transcript/record of grade levels successfully completed, subjects taught, semester grades, nationally standardized test scores, etc., while enrolled in the home school.
All such information is provided solely by the chief administrator of the home school -- not by state or local government officials. North Carolina law states that a home school is a non-public school. When a student successfully completes his/her non-public school's academic requirements for high school graduation, the non-public school itself (not a government agency) maintains academic records of the student's high school academic work and issues student transcripts and graduation verifications in future years as requested. State government provides NO student graduation verifications for non-public school graduates (whether from a private K-12 or a home school) nor does it maintain or keep student academic records or transcripts -- only records concerning the legal existence of such schools, also known as your NOI.
I recommend you keep your homeschool records in a 3 ring notebook with plastic sleeves. You can maintain your attendance records, immunization records and standardized test scores by year in your record keeping notebook. A digital backup copy is also recommended as well. If you do not keep digital records just take a picture of your records and file them on a safe drive. If you save them as .pdf you will be able to print them.

Can a principal require additional testing if I enroll my student back in school?

§ 115C-288 …A principal shall not require additional testing of a student entering a public school from a school governed under Article 39 of this Chapter if test scores from a nationally standardized test or nationally standardized equivalent measure that are adequate to determine the appropriate placement of the child are available.
The local school should be able to use the homeschool records you have kept including proper annual testing to determine your child’s grade placement. 

What are homeschool graduation requirements in NC?

In North Carolina, each homeschool sets their own graduation requirements for administering your own diploma. According the NC law.
§ 115C-563.  Definitions.
As used in this Part or Parts 1 and 2 of this Article:
(a)        "Home school" means a nonpublic school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction, and determine additional sources of academic instruction.
(b)        "Duly authorized representative of the State" means the Director, Division of Nonpublic Education, or his staff. 

With that said you do not have to follow public school requirements. However, if your child plans to attend 4 year college you will want to work backwards. You are your child's guidance counselor.  Here is a good place to start your research if college or community college is your goal.
UNC Minimum Requirements can be found HERE!
Career and College Promise (Early College) info can be found HERE!

How do i withdraw my child in order to homeschool?

Notify the school you have filed your Notice of Intent with the DNPE to open a homeschool. Let the school know you are withdrawing them from the school. It is best to document your decision with a letter and give the date at which you will start homeschooling.
Ask how grade placement will be handled should you decide to terminate your homeschool.
It is recommended to not withdraw your student until you have documentation from DNPE. Remember you are not asking the state permission to homeschool but informing the state you will open a private school and follow NC law.
Once filed, you are good to go until you terminate your school. Always notify the Division if address or enrollment changes. This can all be done in the portal where you file your NOI.  
College Credit While Homeschooling

Two Options for Homeschoolers to gain college credit while homeschooling.

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Learning Style Profiles

3rd grade - Adult The key to every child’s learning success, the Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment is for individuals, homeschools, classroooms, and parenting. Scoring is automatic and you get immediate, printable results and correlated recommendations, plus downloadable guides.

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Special Needs

Homeschooling Students with Special Needs

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with other families deciding if this is the best option for testing.

Homeschool Coaches - USA

ATC is seeking professional & congenial online homeschool coaches. Please complete this form if you are interested in being considered.
I am seeking Elementary Coaches, Middle School, High School (Career & College Promise Advisors) Coaches.
When you apply please upload your resume and I will contact you for an initial phone interview if you seem to be a possible match for the ATC Team.
The interviews will be intensive. I will give you specific scenarios of student achievement and family dynamics and you will make recommendations of curriculum. You must be familiar with interpreting standardized test scores. You must be familiar with the extensive choices of homeschool resources including Christian and secular. You must be familiar with a variety of learning differences  and able to make recommendations. You must be familiar with a variety of homeschool approaches. I am looking for creative, flexible,  intuitive individuals.
You will have the flexibility of creating your own schedule in the comfort of your home. 
Apply Now
Sorry, registration has ended.

N.C. Homeschooling Capitol Tour

I must have the exact number of students attending before October 15 in order to finalize the schedule. Without knowing our exact numbers most places will not schedule without knowing our numbers and every place has different restrictions. To allow the most students as possible to participate, PLEASE only order 1 ticket per family or per small homeschool group. At checkout you will be indicating the number of students you are bringing by listing their grade levels (3, 6, 7 for example). The adult will be 100 percent responsible for the students they bring and ANGIE CUTLIP will not be held responsible. When you complete this form you are agreeing.

  • Date: 11/16/2021 10:00 AM - 11/16/2021 05:00 PM
  • Location: 1 E Edenton St, Raleigh, NC 27601North Carolina Capitol, USA (Map)
  • More Info: PARKING It is recommended to park by the Legislative Building at 140 E. Jones St Raleigh, NC 27601 Rates charged by the hour Monday-Friday 7am-5pm For more information on parking and planning your trip go to

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