28 Feb

A Self-Portrait™ Online Profile
Developed by the authors of “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style,” Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson, this LearningSuccess™ profile will help you bring out the star in each of your children! You can use this in conjunction with your testing results administered here at ATC Educational Services or use it alone. Find out how your child learns best, customize curriculum, eliminate destructive learning disability labels, avoid conflicts, and coach for learning success! This profile can be purchased and taken online, and you get immediate printable results and learning strategy recommendations for 5 aspects of learning style: Disposition, Modality, Environment, Interest, and Talents, plus a downloadable Parent/Student Manual. You will receive specific suggestions for studying, memorizing, approaching different subjects, relating to others, setting up the study or work environment, etc. for you or your student's unique combination of learning style results. Use this link or click on the button above to receive a discount of $5.00 per profile: you pay only $30 per profile or $25 each for 3 or more. 

You wouldn’t force your child to wear shoes that don’t fit…
why force an education that doesn’t fit?
Get your child’s LearningSuccess™ Profile today!

Find out how your child learns
before buying all that expensive curriculum!

Teach the way your child learns best…
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